Eyes of SorrowOn December 26th, 2004, one of the World’s worst natural disasters of modern times occurred, affecting much of the area around the Indian Ocean, and impacting people around the entire World. Soon after, the picture shown here was released as part of a series. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the only words that sprang to mind when we saw it were despair and sorrow - That picture epitomizes the affect the tsunami had on those within its path, and prompted us to donate this site toward helping the victims and their families, and to make a permanent place on the Internet where people who care can help.

The links on the right of this page all point to charities and aid organizations who work tirelessly to help those affected by natural disasters, disease and poverty. If, after looking through this site, you feel as moved as we were and would like to do something to help then please do donate whatever you can afford to these organizations so that they may continue to help those who no longer have any resources to help themselves.